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Marketing Services That Provide Solutions

Getting things done! Stong leadership that consistently takes on the most challenging projects and has a 100% record of on-time delivery. Areas of expertise include, but not limited to:
Strategic Planning
Website Content Management
Web Analytics
CRM Integration
E-Mail Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Direct Mail
Print Advertisement
Marketing Collateral
Public Relations / Press Releases
Link Building Strategies
Social Media
Mobile Marketing

Pay-per-Click Advertising
Landing Page Optimization
Blogging & Podcasts
Budget Management
Project Management
Team Building/Training
Sales Brochures / Flyers
Marketing Templates
Brand Identity / Awareness
Twitter for Business
Facebook Fan Pages for Business
Location Based Marketing

Get Social.


If your business is not active in social mediums, you are missing out on potential sales and growth. Not sure where to be?  I can assist in learning which social channels are appropriate for your business.

Are you attracting qualified leads with your social media marketing?  Testing a variety of delivery methods with use of  podcasts, graphics and video have been proven to boost social lead conversions.

​Social networks aren't going away anytime soon. It's time to join the madness and I can help!

Traditional Marketing.


Many believe that by advertising and utilizing all of their marketing resources online will be more beneficial. Many industries can not benefit by focusing online alone. A good balance of both traditional and internet marketing is affordable, effective and increases awareness to all of your audience.


Seeing results with your email campaign? If you don't have time to monitor who's clicking, who's not clicking and why, contact me today. I can assist with your marketing campaign requests.

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